Great New Health News From Fast Food Restaurants

For years, we have all heard about the evils of fast food. The word around town has always been that fast food is bad for you. In fact, eating a fast food hamburger inflames the blood vessels around the heart, and causes plaque build up in the arteries, so they say. However, recently, there has been good news coming from the fast food industry. The NRA (National Restaurant Association) has recently reported a rise in health foods coming out of the fast food industry. Among the good news are claims like these: • There are healthy menu choices as alternatives. • Nutritional information is now on many menu items. • Heart-healthy menu options are now also available in many places. A Better Way To Cook Many fast food chains have included sea salt on fried items like fries and a lower cholesterol method of frying that includes lower fat grease in which they are fried. There has also been an amazing increase in fast food restaurants that serve healthy sandwiches. America cheered when Jared S. Fogle lost over a hundred pounds and then kept the weight off by eating nothing but sandwiches from a now popular fast food sandwich chain. Know What You Eat Many fast food restaurants now include a list of ingredients and nutritional information on their selections and some have even included an entire menu dedicated to helping their patrons lose weight by ordering low calorie, low sodium menu items. It is very refreshing to know that we can still enjoy the smell of all the-bad for you food-while we order our fast food salads. Fiber Is In We never thought we would see the day but it has finally arrived. Some fast food restaurants are now offering foods that are high in fiber, like oatmeal with fresh fruit. This is something that they should have done a long time ago because while eating oatmeal is a joy, cooking it somehow feels like a chore. Being able to order oatmeal and fruit bowls at a burger joint is a very positive move and could be the herald to an entirely new kind of healthy fast food restaurant that would be very popular considering the health craze that has swept the entire planet. So What Could Be Next Now if they could just find a way to make their hamburgers healthy, I for one would move my entire household to be near one. Could you imagine eating bacon wrapped burger that is heart healthy and would help you lose weight? That kind of technology may be a ways off but until then, many fast food restaurants are doing much more with their menus to ensure that we stay alive long enough to spend our retirement dollars in their restaurants. Turkey burgers are good, but they are not the same as a good quarter pound of all-American beef. Veggie burgers are also very good because of the delicious vegetables that enhance them and they are certainly delicious on pizza, but do not make as much sense when they are wrapped in all the fat and cholesterol of the meat in which they are served. Who knows, maybe we will soon be able to order the veggies without the burger.