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Five long years have passed and I have come to know bipolar disorder and the mania experience quite well. Though not my friend … it has not really been my enemy for a very long time.

Through the years, I have noticed more and more television commercials and print ads for medications of all types including mental disturbances. And as I review my own writings, I am reminded that we are fortunate to live in such historic times. Manic-depression in the 1900s’ meant that if you were stricken, you were institutionalized with murderers and the like. It was madness and mayhem as women were often abused by the very “caregivers” that were to care for them. Patients were starved, or killed, they were considered worse than thieves … they were the cast-offs of society. Science in those days included performing procedures like lobotomies on the mentally ill, it was another aspect of the horrific medical misjudgment and mismanagement of the day. Today researchers bring to consumers break-through science and as they discover the intricacies of the human brain they move revolutionarily forward. Knowing how the engine performs helps one obtain a greater appreciation for it. Today, patients are treated differently, medication helps greatly, and though we battle the stigma of title, patient … bipolar disorder (I,II,III) etc. we are ahead of the game. As researchers and scientists understand the clinical picture obtained from the information technology age of ours they will see clearly how the pieces come together to complete the puzzle. In this age of warp speed, we must only be ahead of the religious war to see our dreams come to fruition. Hollywood has made bipolar disorder a cutting edge illness. No longer the 1900s – it is 2008 and if bipolar disorder is the American buzz word than Hollywood has made the consumer an American icon.

There are many engines that pull the train of technology. One highly accredited resource is NAMI (National Institute of Mental Health). NAMI is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons living with serious mental illness and their families. Founded in 1979, NAMI has become the nation’s voice on mental illness, a national organization including NAMI organizations in every state and in over 1,100 local communities across the country who join together to meet the NAMI mission through advocacy, research, support, and education. NAMI does need funding to continue their research. Should you wish to register for the NAMI e-newsletter or donate for continuation of their research, you may do so at this address: [http://www/]. The following is an example of the wonderful work they do, it is discovery. The following is a recent scientific study as it relates to a subject near and dear to me: Bipolar Disorder’s Manic Phase:

“Faster-Acting Medications for Bipolar Disorder’s Manic Phase May Be Feasible

New Research Pinpoints Potential Molecular Target in Brain Cells” NAMI, January 2008

Scientists may be able to develop faster-acting medications for the manic phase of bipolar disorder, new research shows. Current medications take several days to weeks to work, during which the extreme mood shifts of the disease may cause patients to engage in harmful behaviors, such as risky health behaviors or spending sprees. Bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive illness, affects about 5.7 million Americans age 18 and older in any given year.

The faster medications would be aimed more directly at a molecular site on brain cells that current medications, such as lithium and valproate, reach through a slower, roundabout route. By targeting the site with a protein fragment they designed, NIMH scientists reduced manic-like behaviors and associated brain changes in rats. Jing Du, Ph.D., Husseini Manji, M.D., and colleagues published their results in the January 2 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.

With further research, the molecular site could become a target for new medications for humans, or could point the way to other targets for new treatments, the scientists say. The site is an amino acid, serine 845 (S845), in the GluR1 subunit of the AMPA receptor. (See “About the Science.”).

The researchers also pinpointed a region of the brain that appears to be involved in mania: the CA1 region of the hippocampus, which feeds stored memories to the prefrontal cortex, the “active-thinking” part of the brain. Please refer to [http://http//] for the actual study.

In conclusion, this generation has come to know and benefit from more scientific discoveries than ever in the history of medicine. So it is with this knowledge that we must not forget our responsibility to contribute to further the cause. If in fact, 5.7+ million Americans’ will, at some time this year, experience a mental disorder, then it is our responsibility to contribute as we have done for the American Cancer Foundation and the American Heart Association and so many other fitting medical causes along the way. All very worthy causes, I beseech you to contribute as you can, to the National Alliance Mental Illness ( It is a fitting cause, it is a worthy contribution, and the science of the mind may someday be the difference between life or death for someone you love.

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Ceres Living MLM Review – Stem Cell Research News For Health and Wellness Benefits

If you are researching MLM companies to possibly learn more about, one of the main things that you must consider is the history behind the credibility of those companies. This has nothing to do with how long have those companies been in business or how successful the management teams were in their previous involvement with other businesses. Health and wellness network marketing companies are in the business of creating exceptional products that sell well. And the only way they can accomplish this is through a unique selling proposition that pertains to the revolutionary science behind the product that is backed by scientific studies and testimonials.

Have You Heard Of An MLM Company That Is Involved In The Remarkable Science Of Stem Cell Research For Health Benefits?

At the moment, Ceres Living is the only network marketing company in existence that offers health and wellness products that specializes in the repair and development of stem cells throughout your body. You are probably wondering why is this important? What about the countless number of health and wellness products that also aid in a person’s health by improving their symptomatic conditions?

The fact is that there are tons of products that have been tested for many years and backed by science and research. For example, products that help people with diabetes, high cholesterol, constipation, skin problems, and etc. are available for consumption. You are probably wondering how does one actually decide upon one product out of the thousands out there.

Their decisions to purchase can be a result of testimonials coming from friends and family. It could be an ingredient that is present in one particular product that they are not allergic to. It could be purely from taste reasons only. You already know how one product taste different from another. And their decision to choose one delicious tasting product over another can be a major factor.

One important fact to consider is that stem cells have already been scientifically proven to reverse extreme conditions of illness where the cells of the human body can deteriorate as a result of illness, natural aging process, physical trauma (like car accident involving spinal cord and head injuries), and virus-related infection. That is why there has been a lot of government tax money being spent on these life-improvement projects.

Fact: Spinal Cord And Brain Injuries From Car Accidents Are Examples Of Cells That Cannot Be Replaced Once They Are Damaged

The only way the cells of damaged bodies can be replaced is by way of the injection of stem cells that have been collected earlier from the human body. Just like the same way blood is collected at the blood banks, the same principle applies just as well to stem cell banks. For example, the brain’s neuron cells are damaged from head trauma like from a car accident. And so is the same with spinal cord injuries. Only stem cells can replace those damaged cells.

A MLM company that truly understands the complicated nature of how stem cells work in relation to their proprietary health and wellness products is something that you should not overlook when using them as one of the of the most important criteria for choosing health and wellness products.

To learn more about the latest stem cell research news and how it relates to health and wellness products, please click Ceres Living MLM Review. Get trained by one of the top business coaches in the MLM industry who will hold your hand through the process of recruiting people into your Ceres Living business by visiting MLM coach Mike Boggs [].

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Children’s Health News You Can Use

The Effects of Violent Television on Kids

As a child, my parents insisted their four kids pick one main television show per week to watch and supplement it with educational TV. So the local PBS station was usually on when I was a wee one. The older we became, we were not allowed to watch anything racy, violent or something which dealt with adult topics. But TV in the 70’s and 80’s was a lot different than it is now. My brother chose shows like “Star Trek” and my sister and I chose shows like “Little House on the Prairie”. These were good shows for kids to watch.

A 2011 study showed that pre-schoolers watched about 4.1 hours of television and other screen activities daily. What they watch is as important as what they eat. In another study just recently published, children who were allowed to watch anything they wanted tended more toward aggressiveness, yelling to get what they wanted and had poor social skills. Parents in the group were given age-appropriate viewing guidelines and reported that the children showed more empathy, were less aggressive and had better socialization skills when watching suitable programs to enjoy. While it may be easy to plunk a child down on the couch and turn the TV on to keep them occupied, it is better to take the time and watch television with them. What an adult thinks is funny content can be completely in- appropriate for a pre-school age child.

Taxes on Sodas May Lesson Child Obesity

Most Americans do not like the idea of government sticking their nose in to our pantries and refrigerators. The state of New York has somehow passed some laws which ban super-sized sodas in the movie theaters and the ones sold on the street. In California, a recent poll showed that the vast majority of respondents were opposed to the same kind of tax. Yet, when it was mentioned that the tax money would go toward health and fitness in the schools more than half supported it. This tells us that we think, as adults, it is okay to be overweight and choose less healthy food and barely get any exercise, but it is not for our children. Additionally, the city of Oakland, California gave bags of fresh fruit and vegetables to 15 families last year and about half of the children in those families lost or maintained weight.

Making Health Food Choices Accessible

The lack of grocery stores and even small community markets in lower income neighborhoods is a part of the problem. Retailers do not want to open in possibly crime prone areas. Some small stores in these places barely carry fresh fruit and or other healthy food and snacks. These businesses are where school age children stop to and from school to get something to eat. In some cities, local non-profits are supplying fresh fruit and incentives for small businesses to give to kids, and seem to be working. These are smart improvements in areas where none might otherwise be done.

They Need to Know as They Grow

There are many programs on TV today which are specifically geared to children which teach them something they need to know as they grow. Kids may find adult comedies funny, and especially the young ones, do not have the cognitive skills needed to understand what they are watching. Put aside time to watch television with little ones and ask them questions about what they are watching to see if they understand it.

Personally, there was never a Twinkie, a bag of Doritos or a six-pack of soda in my parent’s house. An after school snack was an apple or some pretzels. As an adult who moved out on her own after college graduation, I dove into those goodies and quickly gained weight. Thinking back – moderation is a better way to go. An unhealthy snack every now and then would not hurt. But a diet which includes junk food on a regular basis promotes a lifetime of poor health and eventual obesity. A bag of apples costs a little bit less than a bag of cookies.

Healthy television choices are on the schedule. I check the evening’s choices with the on-screen guide to see what I want to watch. Channels I do not want kids to watch are blocked with a V-chip. This is parental choice and one I take seriously.

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